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Green dinnerware series - WVSCM China | Eco Friendly packing bag&Green dinnerware series Provider | Promoting environmental protection biodegradable
Green dinnerware series
Paper cup Plastic cup Unbleached tableware Cutlery PLA series
Muliti-function PSM disposable utensils

Biodegradable disposable soup spoon

Bio-based PSM cutlery

Disposable Plastic Cold Cup

Disposable Plastic Deli Container

Disposable Plastic Salad Bowl

Disposable Plastic Deli Container

Disposable Plastic Cold Cup

Disposable Plastic Tasting Cup

paper lid for paper cup

pla clear lid for paper cup

CPLA lid for paper cup

PP lid for paper cup

PS lid for paper cup

20OZ jolly cup , bio foam paper cup

16oz jolly cup , biodegardable foam paper cup

12oz jolly cup ,bio-foam cup

10oz jolly cup, foam cup

8oz jolly cup

Renewable PSM Cutlery

Bio-based PSM cutlery disposable spoon

PSM Bio-based biodegradable fork

Renewable PSM cutlery biodegradable knife

Cutlery set compostable spoon

pla coated paper soup cup

pla coated ripple wall paper cup

pla coated double wall paper cup

Renewable utensil compostable fork

pla coated single wall paper cup

Repurpose 100% CPLA compostable cutlery

paper cup pet dome lid

paper cup pet flat lid

coated paper fan for paper cup

paper sleeve for hot drinking paper cup

compostable PLA disposable knife

embossed wall paper cup for hot drinking

starbuck paper ice cream cup with lid

single wall paper bowl

double wall paper bowl

Round bottom paper noodle box

Paper soup cup

paper popcorn bucket

fired chicken bucket

Biodegradable unbleached bento lunch box

Disposable take away fast food box

Plant fiber based disposable organic tray

ripple wall paper cup

double wall paper cup

single wall paper cup

ice cream cup

Microwave oven safe use bento box

Biodegradable compartment food container

Biodegradable disposable mini plate

Biodegradable party mini cake dish

Disposable dessert bowl for party

Biodegradable disposable food bowl

One time use hamburger box

Biodegradable compartment food tray

Take away biodegradable food container

Disposable biodegradable bento box

Jolly cup and compostable foam cup

Disposable Plastic Sauce Cup

100% compostable biodegradable dinner plate

Unbleached Tableware Take Away Lunch Box for Microwave

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