For the impending production and consumption,we should first decide on its necessity and impact on the environment before acting.If necessary,we should figure out how to produce or consume most economically,namely,using the least energy and emitting the least carbon dioxide.


For the necessary production and consumption,effort should go
into the least energy exploitation.


Used items should be repeatedly exploited to increase
their utilization rate.


Ways should be worked out to recycle used products to
promote the energy utilization rate.


Utilize more renewable resources,for example,plant resources,solar
energy and wind power.
Lessen reliance on non-renewable resources such as oil.


Sustainable development is concept which is simple but of great significance to the future of our society.In 1987,the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined it in Our Common Future:"sustainable development refers to the development that can meet the needs of the current generation while not threatening the later generation`s ability to meet their needs".

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