More and more people keep pets as children,Then the parents of dog should be a responsible parent! Must give the front dear dog boys on an idThe following is the process of handling dog certificates in XIAMEN.

Prepare materials:

(1) The original + copy of the single-family residence certificate issued by the local neighborhood committee is required;

(2) Local account: original ID + copy 2, original account + copy 2 (I need to attach 2 copies of the homepage to the non-head of the household) Non-local account: original of residence permit and ID card And the photocopy (the residence permit and the place where the dog is currently occupied must be the same). The collective account: the original copy of the ID card and the account page; the copy of the first page of the collective household is stamped with the official seal);

(3) 2 recent color photos of the dog, requirements: the size must be 4 inches instead of 4R; white edges should be left uncut; sideways + back, head and tail must be in the mirror, to be able to see the length Can reflect the whole picture of the dog

Proof of living alone: Go to the neighborhood committee to open a living certificate for single-family residence, bring your own ID card, residence permit, account book, real estate certificate, rental contract, etc., tell the neighborhood committee, it is enough to do the dog certificate. .

2Bring the dog and the above documents to the Xiamen Animal Health Supervision Institute for health checkup, vaccination against rabies, and receive the Canine Immunization Certificate;

3Implanting an identification chip for the dog;

4. Bring the relevant certificate of implanted chip to the public security department to receive the "Dog Registration Certificate" and the dog card (the same place).

Processing address

At the location of the Municipal Animal Health Supervision Office (the first floor of No. 115, Lianqian West Road)

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