Christmas Present



At Christmas, many people like to send pets as gifts, and those who receive gifts will be pleasantly surprised when they open the package.

However, behind the seemingly warm sent pet as a gift, there are also many chilling follow-up truths. Recently, the cute little black dog Ronnie, who was only 8 weeks old,It was sent out as a Christmas gift and was abandoned after only one week. The owners object at the time bought Ronnie as a gift online. The two formers who were ready to move after the breakup could not take care of it. They took the initiative to send it to the animal shelter - Battersea cat and dog house, and Ronnie became the first here this year. Abandoned Christmas dog. Pets like Ronnie that are sent out as gifts and quickly become abandoned as garbage are not a few examples. The Battersea Cat and Dog House about 550 dogs every winter, and they expect more than 20,000 pets to be abandoned in the UK this winter.

Many people have seen the germination of various red cats and dogs, and they want to buy or adopt cats and dogs. Online cheap prices and convenient processes make it easier to get a pet without careful consideration. However, when the reality and imagination of pets are too large, many irresponsible owners choose to abandon. 

Today's holiday pets are aggravating this phenomenon and have spawned a dark pet breeding chain. Because the most popular pet gifts are milk cats and dogs, in order to catch up with the golden period of holiday sales. Unhealthy traders rushed to force the animals to breed wildly during the holiday season. The bitch breeder became a fertility machine, and did not stop mating, giving birth and re-mating. And their activity space is basically in a cage of less than one square meter. The Newborn pets are separated without eating a few mouthfuls of milk. It is packed in crowded buckets and is waiting to be transported for sale. Because of disorderly breeding, poor living conditions and diet, many of these remaining puppies are genetically ill, and some have been thrown away by dog dealers even after they have been born, and some even have drugs delivered by injecting drugs. It looks lively and healthy. When the pets go home, they may suffer from various diseases. If they encounter a budget-poor or troublesome owner, these pets can only be killed. Even if the lucky birth of the pets arrives at the owner's hands, it does not mean that they have found a happy and permanent home.

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