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When signing the new marine protection act, u.s. president don trump accused asia of polluting the world's oceans. He named japan, china and the , many countries where plastic waste dumped by drifted to the west coast of the united states.

The waste of plastic bags that pollute the oceans isn't all Asian countries’ fault. Some developed countries, including the United States, are more willing to recycle rubbish and export it cheaply.

China was the world's biggest importer of plastic waste before its ban last January. After 25 years as the world recycling magnate, , it refused to buy recycled plastic waste less than 99.5% pure, and now has bundles of bundles of waste in California, the UK and Australia, The exporters sought buyers around the world. According to FT's trade data, imports of plastic waste from Indonesia increased by 56% in the first half of this year, doubled in Vietnam and Thailand by 1370%.

The imported plastic waste must be hand-picked, then crushed, then put into fire-alkali for washing, which seeps through the surface and pollutes the water source, which can easily cause diseases . so any developing country should not become a garbage dump of developed countries, environmental problems need to be solved by the whole world.

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