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Disposable plastic products to get people to love and hate, love is because of the features of disposable plastic products quick and convenient place to their enjoyment of life, hate because it is difficult to degrade, would cause incalculable damage to the environment now all countries in the world in the development of alternative to disposable plastic products biodegradable renewable plastics, or an injunction to ban the use of disposable plastic products again in this paper, the plastic ban since 2018 countries and regions of the world as a simple inventory, take a look at what are the countries which ban enacted in the world.


on January 11, 2018 in London, Britain's prime minister, released the next 25 years national environmental strategy, announced plans to Britain in the 2042 years ago to eliminate all can avoid the plastic waste, the plan includes plastic bags of food packaging bags and disposable plastic pipe is closely related to the British People's Daily life, such as plastic products and all supermarkets in the UK in a plastic bag consumption of 5 p; A 25 pence latte tax on plastic coffee LIDS; The queen has banned the use of plastic straws and bottles in the royal estate. Flush cosmetics and personal care products containing plastic microbeads have been banned across England and Scotland since 19 June.

South Korea South Korea's environment ministry will be August 1st amendment of relevant laws implementing legislation for 40 days, at the end of the year up will be fully disable the disposable plastic bags in shopping malls and supermarkets, implemented from may not be free to ban across, South Korea, more than 11000 and more than 2000 large-scale supermarket shopping mall in the future will be offering our customers the metering bag empty cardboard boxes and environmental protection shopping bag to buy items.

The decision to ban the sale or use of single-use plastic bags from March 1, 2019 will be announced a year in advance, according to the general administration of customs and the general administration of technical supervision.

New Zealand, New Zealand government announced on August 10, next year will disable the disposable plastic shopping bags, New Zealand will be in the coming year a total ban on the use of disposable plastic bags, retailers have six months to stop supply of plastic bags, related proposals that violate regulations required to bear the fines should be increased to 100000 New Zealand dollar, or about 450000 yuan

Chile, backed by the country's constitutional court, is still waiting for the President's signature on the commercial ban to become law. And from February 3, 2019, all major supermarkets in Chile will no longer be allowed to offer free or paid plastic bags to shoppers. From August 3, 2020, there will be a total ban in Chile

France, France, the independent reported has passed a law that requires gradual to ban the use of all plastic disposable tableware, including the glass plate knife and fork and spoon In the future, these goods will have to be made of compostable materials or biological sources of materials As the French government Energy Transition for Green part of the bill of Growth, the ban will take effect in 2020.


India's prime minister declared to a total ban on the use of disposable plastic products in 2022, India's second most populous state of maharashtra plastic limit also take effect on June 23, according to media reports, the plastic limit to extremely strict, government inspectors will lane, see there are business owners still use plastic limit on banning the use of plastic products will be on business owners issue tickets according to understand, maharashtra announced that the range of state will be a total ban on the use of plastic and polystyrene products sales such as transportation and storage of plastic bags. All kinds of disposable dining utensils and plastic ornaments are prohibited within the scope of the carried out formally on June 23, environmental pollution control by the government committee and all levels of implementation and supervision of the local government for first-time offenders fined 5000 Indian rupees (about 480 yuan), make the person fine doubled, the third time offenders fined 25000 rupees will not only, and could face up to 3 months in jail

Australia, Queensland, Australia and western Australia from July 1, prohibit retailers to offer customers one-time ultra-thin plastic bags, since then, Australia eight administrative region only a plastic ban is not new south wales , according to media reports, in accordance with the provisions of the state of Queensland, retailers if provided to customers in violation of the thickness of not more than 35 micron one-time ultra-thin plastic bags, will face up to a $6300 (30000 yuan) a hefty fine Wool worths, Australia's largest supermarket chain, has also stopped offering single-use plastic bags, requiring shopping customers to bring their own shopping bags or buy reusable bags

Taiwan's environmental protection authority announced it would phase out the use of single-use plastic products in three steps starting next year, but the entire policy would be implemented slowly, with businesses no longer providing straws for in-store consumption of food and drink from 2019. From 2020, free straw is not allowed. From 2025 onwards, takeaway food will be fined if it is served with straws; By 2030, all straws will be banned, experts say, and if fully implemented, it will be the world's strictest policy on single-use plastics.

Eu 24 vote in the European parliament approved since 2021 to ban the use of disposable plastic products, to contain the growing waste plastic pollution of the sea and the ecological environment against the dangers of plastic waste on the global, the commission may submit a proposal to control the plastic waste, want to ban the use of disposable tableware and so on the disposable plastic products, according to the latest approved the proposal to the European parliament since 2021, the European Union will ban the production and sale of disposable tableware cotton straw and so on the disposable plastic products, these products will be made by paper Straw or reusable hard plastic replacement plastic bottles will be collected separately according to existing recycling patterns; A 90 per cent recycling rate for single-use plastic bottles is required in member states by 2025.

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