The Interesting Custom of Christmas in All Countries



Christmas is different from the traditional Chinese festival, and its origin comes from a religious belief.
Every December 25th is Christmas. It is celebrated as Jesus's birthday, and it is named "Christmas Day".And among all the countries of the world, Christmas has different customs.


People hang pickled cucumbers on Christmas trees as decoration. The story originated from the Civil War era. It was on the eve of Christmas, a captured soldier asked the enemy to give him some food, and the enemy's gift of help was pickled cucumber. In memory of this kind of righteousness, the pickled cucumbers were hung on the Christmas tree.


The day before Christmas Eve, family members get together with carrots carved as the appearance of Jesus's arrival, the most cool works will be exhibited in the city.


An extra chair around the breakfast table on Christmas day will be used to commemorate the lost relatives.


After Christmas dinner, people will devolve some straw under the tablecloth, which symbolizes the birth as Jesus in manger. Guests take it in turns to remove a piece as straw: green symbolizes luck or a marriage, and yellow symbolizes another year or singledom.


On Christmas Eve, Czech single women will take off a shoe thrown over the shoulders . The toe toward the direction of the door, meaning the woman will be to get married as a wife in the coming year.


In order to have good luck in the new year, the Italians wear colored underwear on Christmas Eve.


There is a legend about a woman because of poverty can not afford the cost of the Christmas tree and sad cry. The spiders found the woman's difficulties, climbed up the web to do some decoration, so  a spider will be placed inside Ukraine Christmas tree to pray for good luck.


At Christmas time, unmarried girls gather together, then put some corn kernels in front of their feet and let the roosters choose to eat their corn. The selected girl will be the next bride to marry.


The man takes the Cedar Branch, the woman is holding the white cherry branch, put it on the fire, who is burning more quickly, who is more lucky.


The island view of Christmas is like Valentine's day. The favorite way for lovers to celebrate is to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. Of course, other people are the same, so they often have to make an appointment. Maybe they think the westerners' Day is going to eat the westerners' food.


On Christmas Eve, before go to bed each Norwegian people of home will take a pair shoes in a column from large to small, then everyone sings his most love Christmas song or carol in turn.


It is necessary for the Scots return that something they borrowed from others at home to the owner before Christmas. Most of them give gifts on the first Monday of the new year, not at Christmas, and children and servants will get gifts.


Every family in Germany who believes in Jesus has a Christmas tree ,and the Christmas tree is the first in Germany. The Germans are very fastidious about making Christmas cakes. There are many styles of cake, which are given to each other between relatives and friends.

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