Creative Packaging, Convenient and no pollution


It is very long time I didn’t take breakfast in restaurant; dumpling of Yonghe is very delicious, but I am not full, so I decide to buy some bread and milk in the street-side shop, then I find Ecolean bag—a bag of milk;


10 steps how everybody can contribute to a Clean World


In the Clean World everything used is sorted and that’s how we reduce trash. It is one of the best ways to re-use resources. In the Clean World we hope to eliminate landfills and view trash as a valuable source of new resources.When something is


 Do not leave the rubbish behind


Do you go watch movie often? Are you a soccer fan or basketball fan? Do you like to take a tour around? And did you see the rubbish everywhere when end of the movie/game or after the tourists left. I am sure you did.


The 6th China (Beijing) International Environmental Protection & Eco-city Expo


China issued a series of environmental policies to promote the ecological environmental construction of city during the next National Twelfth Five Year Plan period. Environmental protection investment demand is about 250 trillion yuan, and annual investme


Dog Poop Bags Make Walking Dogs as Eco-friendly as Walking Vegetables


When you find these pictures from internet you may think it is very funny to walk vegetables because vegetables even couldn’t walk, then how can people walk vegetables? That looks crazy. These are the pictures from some environmentalists. They consider th


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