To use or not to use plastic bag


For us,plastic bag are widely used in our daily life.It can be seen in supermarket,store when you shopping...Most plastic bag are single-use.There over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide,and the plastic bag pollution are more and mo


Sound pollution


Sound pollution becomes a more and more serious question that effects all parts of life. Noise pollution is undesired sound that can harm to life and nature. Noise differs from other kind of pollution.It leaves behind its effects and leaves no visible


Jolly Cup--New compostable cup that can replace all paper cup


Our DM of PLA coating paper cup It is different from traditional single/double/corrugated wall paper cup, but with outstand function of isolation, and non-Bisphenol A, Plasticizer free, 3D visual artwork on cup adds value for enterprise image.   Our f


Don’t Let Pet Poop End our Happy time


As we all know that, it’s great fun to enjoy the summer time on beach, with the sun, sand and cool swim. However, there is a bad news that many beaches all over the world are closed in summer. Because of the high levels of fecal coliform in water. Fecal c


As China Blast Toll Hits 50, Fears Mount Over Chemical Contamination


An environmental expert says evacuation of the area around Wednesday’s mammoth warehouse blast in the Chinese port city of Tianjin is the “main priority,” and warned of the explosion’s long term consequences. His words came as the death toll continued to


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