Prospect of the eco-friendly plastic bag


According to the statistics in 2014, the total amount of Chinese population is around 1.4 Billion. Let’s suppose everybody is using 3 bags per day, the total amount of plastic bag we need to dispose of is over 1500 Billion bags.


FDA Approved Food Grade Packaging: Food Contact Substance Regulations


Part of the FDA’s mandate is to regulate the safety of substances added to food. Since food grade packaging comes into direct contact with food, the FDA considers it a food contact substance (FCS) and it must


White pollution issues


At first glance, maybe you would consider that it’s so funny that two tortoises are racing longevity. You can definitely view that the tortoises should live in sea. However, it is in the face of leaving its hometown and has to find a new residence. But wh


A Dutch Student’s Giant Ocean Cleanup Machine Is Going Into Production


The oceans have a plastic debris problem, and it’s growing by 8 million tons a year. Three years ago, a Dutch teenager named Boyan Slat garnered global accolades for a solution he devised for a high school science fair: a passive ocean trash collection d


Creative Packaging, Convenient and no pollution


It is very long time I didn’t take breakfast in restaurant; dumpling of Yonghe is very delicious, but I am not full, so I decide to buy some bread and milk in the street-side shop, then I find Ecolean bag—a bag of milk;


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