Don’t Let Pet Poop End our Happy time


As we all know that, it’s great fun to enjoy the summer time on beach, with the sun, sand and cool swim. However, there is a bad news that many beaches all over the world are closed in summer. Because of the high levels of fecal coliform in water. Fecal c


As China Blast Toll Hits 50, Fears Mount Over Chemical Contamination


An environmental expert says evacuation of the area around Wednesday’s mammoth warehouse blast in the Chinese port city of Tianjin is the “main priority,” and warned of the explosion’s long term consequences. His words came as the death toll continued to


Does dog poop bag pick up dog poop only?


Traditional cotton farming requires the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The World Health Organization estimates 20,000 deaths annually due to pesticide poisoning in developing countries. Cotton fabrics labeled organic are an eco-friendly option a


Why You Should Pick Up the Poop When Walking Dogs


Dogs are a vital part of many families. There about one in three households owns a dog. You can see this warning “ please clean up after your pets”.When walking dog,the dog poop bags are one way to pick up the poop. The danger of dog poop: Many peop


How to Stop Pollution from Plastic Bags


Plastic has become an undeniable part of human lives all around. Since its discovery by Alexander Parkes in 1852, it has been one of the most used commodities in the world. Plastic bag, one of the most wildly used plastic product. For most people, Plas


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